Use These AI Image Prompts + Instagram To Build a Scalable Business

Use These AI Image Prompts + Instagram To Build a Scalable Business

Looking for a way to generate leads or $$ with AI?

Here's a scalable business idea, that I unfortunately just don't have the time to pursue myself. I wish I did, so if any of you do this, please keep me in the loop.

I want to live vicariously through you.

Here's how I stumbled onto the idea...

My daughter is about to turn 12yrs old, and wants to redesign her bedroom to look like a "teens" bedroom. Lord help me!

Well, because I'm obsessed with AI, I thought "Hmmm, how can AI help us with this redesign."

I opened up Midjourney and typed in the following prompt..

bedroom for a teenage girl, Indian patterns, western, minimal, clean, organized, bed and desk, 8k, insane detail, photorealistic --v 4 --ar 3:2

After creating 9 different images, I showed my daughter. She loved them and it gave her lots of ideas. Not just layouts, but even room decorations and color schemes.

Here are our two favorites...

Gorgeous right!!

And then my business brain kicked in...

I started thinking how I could pump out dozens to hundreds of these images per day, then create a search engine style website where you click a style of bedroom and it loads dozens of images for bedroom design inspiration.

You could do this for every bedroom style from anime to goth.

Then I got to thinking even more...

Instead of building out a whole search engine style website, you could just create an Instagram page full of these images.

Or a Pinterest board.

For monetization you could either get sponsorship deals from furniture stores or be an affiliate. BUT THEN my mind kicked into hyper drive (excuse the pun).

Instead of bedrooms, what about luxury cars!

PROMPT = a red 1969 Ford Mustang on the beach, 8k, insane detail, photorealistic --v 4
PROMPT = a Ford Mustang 5.0 GT in the garage, 8k, insane detail, photorealistic --v 4
PROMPT = a black Shelby Ford Mustang Cobra in front of snowy mountain range, 8k, insane detail, photorealistic--v 4

We already know that people will follow an Instagram page about cars or Jeeps. With Midjourney you can PUMP out the sexiest images of these vehicles.

People will be drooling over your IG page.

Then, you just stroll over to the local Ford or Jeep dealer and tell them "I've got a big audience of people who love your cars, where do you want me to send them?"

Once they trip over themselves to answer you and you can see the $$ signs in their eyeballs, then just ask them if they have a referral program or can pay you $xxx per lead.

Start locally with one car dealer, then expand until you are nationwide. You can even add on more car models, or add on trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, you name it.

That's not all...

With Midjourney you can also create posters, stickers, and desktop wallpapers.

I'll be back on Monday to show you how that is done with some more killer prompts you can copy/paste.

Hey do me a fave...

This is a new newsletter and I need help growing it. Share this with a couple business friends please.


P.S. My friends and I did one of them Twitter "Spaces" things today. It's about an hour long and we discuss all things AI and ChatGPT. We had about 200 people on.

>> Listen to it here

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