Meet Sam Woods, AI Expert.

Meet Sam Woods, AI Expert.
New Owner of

Hi Friends,

This is Justin Brooke, some of you know me as @IMScalable on Twitter. I'm the original founder of this website.

Many of you got here from that Google Doc I made about Turning ChatGPT Into Marketing Assistants.

As much as I love AI, my plate is just too full. I already have a thriving business and a ministry to take care of. So last week I sold the site, BUT BUT BUT...

I didn't just sell the site to some Jabroney Grifter on the Internet.

Sam Woods is a bonafide AI expert, who if I'm honest, knows even more about AI than I do. He's been doing it longer than I have as well.

Stuff you should know about Sam...

  • Using AI for data and analytics since 2015.
  • Generative AI for copywriting, ads, emails, creatives, and more since 2019.
  • Exploring how AI can enhance our creativity, marketing and writing anything from poetry to copy.
  • Ex-agency owner (with a partial sale in 2019), with $28M revenue over 10 years.
  • Generated north of $217M for clients with copywriting, funnels, email, and AI.
  • Worked in over 37 different markets, including ultra-competitive niches like financial, health, supplements, insurance, and other industries, like B2B SaaS, tech, e-commerce, and more.
  • Developed and/or optimized over 110+ customer acquisition funnels, probably around 180+ lead acquisition funnels.
  • Continues to work on special projects with select clients and implementing AI for everything.

You can learn more about Sam here, and read about his past exploits with AI and writing.

I am confident you are in better hands.

And I'll be sticking around for a few weeks to watch him 🧐, teasing, to help him. He plans to take this site to levels far beyond I had planned.

Thank you for your support and stick around.

Cool stuff on the way.


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