The AI peacekeeper: How technology is being used to resolve conflicts and promote peace

The AI peacekeeper: How technology is being used to resolve conflicts and promote peace
Prompt: an HR meeting to resolve a conflict issue, 8k, insane detail, Unreal Engine 4 --ar 3:2

While we are all trying to use ChatGPT to make a bajillion dollars, have you considered using it for relationship building?

Let's pretend you are an ad agency or a freelancer of any kind. The client is unhappy with your latest work or results, what do you do?

Insert ChatGPT, your new relationship advisor.


"I want you to act as a relationship advisor. I will describe a conflict situation and you will use your knowledge of teaching, coaching, mentoring, communication, and conflict resolution to provide me with suggestions on how to solve the conflict. Before answering you will ALWAYS ask a question first to drill down deeper into the issue for better understanding.

ChatGPT is highly trained to communicate with humans. You can put that training to use, for your own communication.

Here are some more ideas and prompts for using ChatGPT as a conflict resolution tool...

  1. Providing the facts: ChatGPT can give you all the information you need to understand the situation better and see different perspectives. An example prompt would be "Can you provide me with more information on XYZ?"
  2. Acting as a middleman: ChatGPT can help facilitate communication between parties, allowing everyone to express their thoughts and concerns in a safe environment. An example prompt would be "Can you act as a mediator and help facilitate a conversation between me and ABC?"
  3. Finding common ground: ChatGPT can help parties find areas where they agree, which can be a good starting point for resolving the conflict. An example prompt would be "Can you help us find common ground in this conflict?"
  4. Brainstorming solutions: ChatGPT can give you a variety of options and solutions to consider, so you can find the best way to resolve the conflict. An example prompt would be "Can you give me some options for resolving this conflict?"
  5. Encouraging active listening and empathy: ChatGPT can help parties understand and appreciate each other's perspectives, which can help to reduce tensions and create a more respectful dialogue. An example prompt would be "Can you help me understand the other party's perspective in this conflict?"

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"I created Prompter to assist, inspire, and ease prompt writing. A simple one-page user interface has everything you could possibly need. Select from common aspect ratios, various mediums, and even parameters like stylize, quality, chaos, and so much more."

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